fashion, Humorous

Fashion trends that are annoying me right now – Part 1

I know we all have our own style and we should do as we please and not care what anyone says about us but seriously some things should be banned.

Nerdy specs – there is nothing wrong with owning a pair if you actually need it! Everyone and their mother seems to have oversized specs. Some don’t even bother to have proper lenses cut for it as the designers name is still on the dummy lens.

Harem pants – why wear a pants that gives you a saggy flat ass? This look only works for an elite few. Sadly you’re not one of them. Take it off now and burn it.

Couples who wear matching clothes – track suits in particular. I don’t even think I need to say anymore on this below is a lovely example of a major fashion faux pas.

White pointy boots – I just don’t get this. It does not look comfortable. Looks even worse when it’s in white. What possesses people to do crazy things?


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