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I sooooo wanna be freshly pressed

and if you think this is a blatant and shameless attempt for WordPress to find me well then you are most likely correct. So for those not in-the-know getting freshly pressed is like winning the blogger lottery. Todays stats at this point in time is: The best of 454,352 bloggers, 912,843 new posts, 1,420,249 comments, & 198,873,981 words posted today on and on average only 10 posts are selected daily to be featured on the WordPress home page. I mean what blogger doesn’t love more traffic or subscribers?

I love reading the freshly pressed posts everyday and I usually have the following responses upon reading them:

1) OMG! This blog is so awesome, this blogger has managed to move me with an image or a few words. I wanna be just like them. I’ll subscribe immediately so that I can get a daily dose of this awesomeness. This is way better than getting piggyback ride up a mountain by Edward Cullen to see him sparkle.

2) Why didn’t I think about this first? In fact I did think of this first but I just never got around to publishing my draft. I wonder if I can sue? Intellectual property theft is really not cool people. Unless maybe this is my twin and we’ve been seperated at birth.

3) Seriously? This gets to be freshly pressed? A monkey with a typewriter could have written a better post. My stuff is way better than this so why don’t I ever get freshly pressed. What exactly is the criteria here?

Oh let me throw in some photos to seal the deal. Only 3 types of pictures makes it onto Freshly Pressed anyway: Food pics, nature pics and travel pics.

Home made sushi

La sagrada familia - passion facade




5 thoughts on “I sooooo wanna be freshly pressed

    • Lol, I’ve got a serious problem when it comes to sushi. I actually ended going to a sushi making class and can make my own hence the pic. But its too much work and I’m too lazy so now I just go out and buy when the craving speaks

      • I’m off to Laos and then Vietnam. Thanks for following. Unfortunately I only have my iPad with me so blog posts aren’t very easy, but I’ll get caught up when I return to the States.

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