And when you fall off just get right back on

Learning to ride a motorbike is quite scary and ever since I’ve started learning how to ride I have personally witnessed 2 accidents. Motorists just don’t seem to see people on bikes or they don’t care by presuming that cars always have right of way over motorcycles. In both instances these accidents were not the bikers fault. This hasn’t deterred me nor does it stop me from taking pictures of Vespas whenever I see one.

Green with envy

Up close and personal


2 thoughts on “And when you fall off just get right back on

  1. Wow! Those are beauties, for sure. I’d love to own an older one… maybe someday. About learning and driving, here in Israel the drivers are already out of their mind. Along with the normal ‘tetris’ you play driving, you are also playing some kind of combat game too. IDK why drivers here are so ruthless, but it isn’t going to keep me from getting out there! Good luck on your course and look forward to hearing more about your own scooter tales! = )

    • I live in South Africa and the driving on average is ok. But there isn’t really a scooter culture here. I’m leaving for Thailand end of the year and will buy me a scooter once I get there.

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