10 Things that make me realise I am getting older

cassette and pencil

1. I know what the co-relation is between a VHS cassette and a spoon as well as a mix tape cassette and a pencil.

2. I refer to tv shows and cartoons that my younger cousins have never heard of and love the confused and surprised faces when I know all about a new movie that was based on an old show.

3. I can no longer do hand stands.

4. For some reason I can’t dance until sunrise and still be fresh and rested after only 2 hours of sleep. What’s even more amazing is that I really don’t care.

5. Gravity is becoming harder to fight, and I was never great at physics anyway.

6. I can say “Oh I used to wear those when I was younger” when a ‘new’ fashion trend emerges.

7. I’m a decade closer to life beginning at 40.

8. These new fangled rap stars do not have a clue what real rap or hip hop is about.

9. Beetles weren’t Bugs and Minis weren’t Coopers.

10. Floppy’s and stiffy’s were computer disks – no innuendo intended.


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