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Post office and pen pals

I walked past this Madame Zingara store in Kloof Street called this is not a post office – looks cute will have to check it out soon.

It reminded me of a time when I had pen pals (I was 12) and how I loved getting letters in our post box. I felt like a grown up getting my own mail in those blue and red airmail envelopes. I had 8 pen pals in total all girls except for 1 boy who was from Egypt. The girls were from all over Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Greece and Turkey. I enjoyed learning about the people, culture and countries thousands of miles away from where I lived. The anticipation of waiting for a letter to arrive for me and when I actually received a letter was so exciting to me. The only thing I regret was not keeping at it and staying in touch with my pen pals.



2 thoughts on “Post office and pen pals

  1. I had 3 penpals, one in Malaysia, England and Germany and I eventually met the German penpal when we were both in our late twenties in London. It was amazing, we were a week apart in age, had similar lifestyles and everywhere we went that week, people asked if we were sisters, it’s true she looked more like me than my own sister and it was amazing to meet someone who knew things about my life going back to the age of 12 years.

    • aaww! thats sweet, now I seriously regret not keeping the writing momentum going. but its awesome that you were able meet up with one of your penpals years later.

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