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10 Things I miss about being 10 years old

1. Books were so magical it was like being transported to another time and place.

2. Keeping fit was easy especially when I played games in the road everyday: 3 sticks, dodgeball, hopscotch, skipping rope, cartwheels, hand stands, the list is endless.

3. Board games, pillow fights and building blanket castles that kept me entertained for hours.

4. Old school tv games: Tetris, Islander, Bomberman, Super Mario Bros. (at least now I know Mario and Luigi are Italian) – I find Playstation, Xbox’s and Wii’s a bit overwhelming.

5. Not worrying about my sugar intake: toffee apples, candy floss, curly cones.

6. I wasn’t always sarcastic and cynical well not until after I reached the age of 12.

7. The ability to survive without a cellphone in fact not even knowing what a cellphone is.

8. Having a cute 4-year-old brother who at that time didn’t annoy me as he does now at the age of 23.

9. Any family outing was like an adventure to unknown lands just waiting to be discovered.

10. An unshakeable belief that my mother and grandmother could do anything, invincible pillars of strength with a multitude of superpowers.


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