Finally a freak no more

The one thing I like about getting older is that it becomes perfectly acceptable to have quiet weekends spent at home doing absolutely nothing. When I was younger most people/friends expects one to be out and about every waking moment of the weekend. How exhausting, right?

I finally don’t have to act as if I’m a normal person and whilst pretending to enjoy myself. At parties I find it particularly hard as I sometimes need to go to the bathroom just to give myself a time out from the crowd. But with age comes confidence and I don’t feel the constant pressure to apologise to wanting to go home early. I get to decide when is enough. Clubbing is something I now only do occasionally. I’d rather be in a restaurant or pub with a few close friends.

I answer only to myself and my happiness (not pleasing others) is what is most important to me.

Happiness - photo of coffee shop window

Happiness - photo of coffee shop window




6 thoughts on “Finally a freak no more

  1. Amen! Though I have to admit, that I some people’s comments can get into my system and bug me for quite a while. Especially when they seem to think that I am a loner/slacker/couch potato/… and all I do is enjoying time by myself winding down, trying to find balance before joining the rat race again.

  2. What others think of us really isn’t any of our business. So just keep doing what you’re doing. Our alone time is for their own good as well. I’ve gotten quite used to being different’

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