10 Things learnt

Picture taken inside Mr. Pickwicks - Long Street

Today’s list is from one of my readers – Thanks Zee.

1. I don’t trust people who don’t eat….they usually have to find other (devious) ways to spend their time.

2.I love 80’s music..Cyndi Lauper and all.

3.Don’t get reality shows..there’s scripts, there are actors, so where’s the reality?

4.Prefers the ‘no make-up’ look, we came with no mask, I suggest we leave without it.

5. History intrigues me, that’s probably my nerdyness speaking but the thought of a visit to the museum, still gets me excited!

6. Trains in Cape Town is not for the faint hearted it’s like playing russian roulette…you may not lose your life, but you may just lose your valuables (so go easy on the gold).

7. You should never have to change to please someone else or for the convenience of someone else…a cliche but true.

8.Watching a movie in a cinema is, and always will be cool, provided its a good movie.

9. For some people, love don’t exist unless its put on display, so you couldn’t tell your loved one, what you wanted to their face? It had to be broad casted via Facebook, twitter and any other social network that would house your OTT DOA?

10.I’m good at organizing things, provided its something I want to be involved in, anything creative works for me 😉


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