for the love of food

It’s great when you learn new things about your friends or yourself for that matter. This week in Italian class my lovely teacher Fede was asking me questions in Italian and I was masterfully attempting to reply with my limited vocabulary.

The question was: Do I/can I cook? Ha ha ha. Well of course not. Not exactly a state secret. My teacher however was surprised by this revelation as she firmly believes that I am capable of anything and have many hidden talents. It’s not that I can’t cook but it’s that I don’t enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong though – I LOVE FOOD and I LOVE TO EAT, regardless of whether it’s something simple or lavish.

I do have weird taste when it comes to food. Eg. I don’t like mince but love it in lasagna but don’t eat spaghetti at all. And I only like to eat rice when it is in sushi. Despite all this I do love good food and love stumbling upon new places to eat at. So when my fave sushi place lost their chef and I was unable to get my fix I did what any self-respecting sushi junkie did – I started looking for a sushi place nearby to get my next hit. After walking a few blocks down Long Street I turned down into Vredenburg Lane which is hidden away lane and found Bamboo. Good sushi and decent prices. I found my new favourite place.

A craving for something sweet drove me out of my Bamboo cocoon and into the welcoming warmth of Lola’s. A cute little restaurant slash coffee shop in Long Street with wholesome food and with the best cheesecake I have had in a really long time. Will definitely be going back for more. Might have gone a little camera crazy – that’s not at all annoying. In fact I’m starting to wonder what other hidden gems Long Streets holds – must investigate.


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