10 Things I have learnt this week

1. It’s great seeing others progress and move on to better things.
2. There’s only one earth and we should all do our best to look after it.
3. When your usual sushi spot is closed all it means is that you’re about to discover your new sushi spot (nom nom nom)
4. I really don’t like fancy restaurants.
5. Lola’s baked cheesecake in Long Street is the best I have tasted in years.
6. When learning something new it’s important to persevere on those days when you just can’t seem to get it right.
7. It is possible to become addicted to exercise. Well almost.
8. I can’t stand wearing socks anymore.
9. Walking after eating (read stuffing your face with sushi and cake) is a smart thing to do.
10. Collecting mulch (straw and horse shit) is not as gross as I thought it would be. I also managed to not freak out when one of the horses walked right up to me and smelled me.


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