Let your currency decide where you travel to

It’s no secret that the South African Rand is pretty weak against the Dollar, Pound and Euro. This makes saving up for travelling a long process which includes planning ahead and booking plane tickets months in advance. There is however another option – simply choose a country where your currency is stronger.

Before you get too excited be sure to also check out the cost of living for each country to give an idea of how much money you will need – I like using Currently the cheapest holiday destinations include: Hungary, Croatia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Czech Republic. So instead of pining for Paris go somewhere you never thought of going.

Below is a list of exchange rates and there are some countries definitely worth a visit.

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Foreign Currency to South African Rand

Last updated on Friday, 03 February 2012
One Rand equals X currency One currency equals X Rand
0.130559 US Dollar (USD) United States 7.66 ZA Rands
0.082596 Pound sterling (GBP) United Kingdom 12.11 ZA Rands
0.0993287 Euro (EUR) European Union 10.07 ZA Rands
0.121901 Australian dollar (AUD) Australia 8.20 ZA Rands
0.130452 Canadian dollar (CAD) Canada 7.67 ZA Rands
0.823242 Chinese yuan renminbi (CNY) China 1.21 ZA Rands
0.755261 Croatian kuna (HRK) Croatia 1.32 ZA Rands
0.0581345 Cyprus pound (CYP) Cyprus 17.20 ZA Rands
2.49168 Czech koruna (CZK) Czech Republic 0.40 ZA Rands
0.738347 Danish krone (DKK) Denmark 1.35 ZA Rands
1.01252 Hong Kong dollar (HKD) Hong Kong 0.99 ZA Rands
28.995 Hungarian forint (HUF) Hungary 0.03 ZA Rands
16.064 Icelandic krona (ISK) Iceland 0.06 ZA Rands
6.41784 India Rupees (INR) India 0.16 ZA Rands
9.94298 Yen (JPY) Japan 0.10 ZA Rands
0.393767 Malaysian ringgit (MYR) Malaysia 2.54 ZA Rands
0.156572 New Zealand dollar (NZD) New Zealand 6.39 ZA Rands
0.761291 Norwegian krone (NOK) Norway 1.31 ZA Rands
0.416225 Polish zloty (PLN) Poland 2.40 ZA Rands
0.431661 New Romanian leu (RON) Romania 2.32 ZA Rands
3.94228 Russian rouble (RUB) Russian Federation 0.25 ZA Rands
0.16274 Singapore dollar (SGD) Singapore 6.14 ZA Rands
0.880803 Swedish krona (SEK) Sweden 1.14 ZA Rands
0.119704 Swiss franc (CHF) Switzerland 8.35 ZA Rands
0.229603 New Turkish lira (TRY) Turkey 4.36 ZA Rands
Foreign Exchange Rates supplied by South Africa Travel

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