10 Things I have learnt this week

Me on a 150cc bike

1. I am now able to stop making lame excuses for not exercising.

2. I am a quick learner.

3. Cold ice-cream can cause a numb tongue and slurred speech.

4. Beautiful views are particularly distracting when one has to study.

5. What good is a pencil without an eraser? Let me tell you – it’s no good.

6. Four day weeks are awesome – so take Friday’s off.

7. It’s amazing how you can go from dreading something one minute to finding that same thing exhilirating.

8. I am becoming allergic to naps – this is worrisome.

9. I have a mild case of climacophobia – fear of falling down stairs or up and don’t laugh this has happened to me – true story.

10. Even the smallest achievement/success is a major confidence booster.


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