10 Things learnt this week

Today’s list is from one of my faithful readers and my awesome Italian teacher. Read more about her school here. Her travel blog will be up and running soon and I will share the link in due time. Please visit my Contact Me page if you would like to share your list of 10 things learnt.

I love your posts on the 10 things you have learnt every week. It is not easy to do it.

Here is mine ( It may just be what I have learnt in MY LIFE, never mind this WEEK)

1) matching colours makes me really happier
2) I was born as a future teacher
3) I can multitask and I love it
4) creativity is something you either have or don’t
5) writing is as therapeutic as doing yoga
6) I definitely don’t like working with music in the background at all!
7) to find excuses to exercise for me is a daily habit
8) I really like white food, white furniture and white objects
9) I have too many lovely people around to waste my attention on uber sensitive people
10) clumsy people make me laugh a lot


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