Flying Solo

I am comfortable being on my own, even at an early age you would find me sitting quietly in a corner, reading my book. Not much has changed, not on the inside at least. But once you grow up you kinda have to adapt to social norms and go out with friends, family and well real people you know. No man is an island and all that.

I’m amazed at how many people refuse to do things alone like going to the movies or having lunch on their own. It’s really not that scary or are we indeed too afraid to be left alone with our thoughts and surely we don’t care what people think if they see us sitting alone. If you separate yourself from the people and noise you will find time to think/reflect and grow as individual. Dependency on human company can have you feeling lonely once you finally on your own. There is a big difference between being alone and loneliness.

I read this article not too long ago and it was all about learning to love yourself and how not to depend on love and happiness from other people. How can we expect to find love when we cannot or do not love ourselves. Without trying to sound all psycho-babble mambo-jumbo the only advice I can give (and this is all still a leaning process for me) is to do things you love and you will in turn attract love.

I’m on leave this week and with everyone back at work I’m taking the time to just be on my own and maybe try something new.


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