Why I hate New Year’s Eve

I’m sorry (actually not that sorry) but I really do not get the hype that surrounds this one night. Below are my pet peeves regarding new year’s eve:

  • I don’t do well with crowds and noise, especially crowds.
  • How perfectly sane rational people lose their ability to behave like normal human beings.
  • People thinking you are a leper or crazy person if you have no plans on this evening. Apparently staying is tantamount to committing murder, who knew.
  • Why should I have to pay double or triple the usual cover charge to go into the same places that is frequented throughout the year?
  • Offering me a glass of champagne upon my arrival does not ‘sweeten’ the deal nor does sitting on the other side of the rope make me VIP.
  • Looking for parking.
  • Paying a king’s ransom for parking.
  • Being ‘locked in’ once you enter CBD and struggling to get out when you ready to head home.
  • Road blocks. No officer I’m not stupid enough to drink and drive. People just take a damn cab already.
  • Those TV specials and musical extravaganzas for us sad people who decided to stay in.
  • Drunk people. Also drunk people who feel the need to tell you that they are ‘sooooooo drunk’ and what the hell is so funny?
  • People who feel compelled to share their new year’s resolutions even though they know that they are going to abandon it by January 3rd.
  • People who repeatedly tell you that the following year is going to be better than the past year – really?
  • Brawls, arguments and other merriment – what a special time of the year this is.
  • For some reason perfect strangers all love each other and insist on spreading this good cheer. DO NOT TOUCH ME!
  • Girls wearing tops as dresses and teetering around in mum’s heels while projectile vomiting. Very classy and oh so attractive. However this is not exactly restricted to new year’s eve.
  • Can we all just realise that the only thing that is happening is that one minute the clock is reading 11.59 and the next it’s reading 12.00. Why all the hoopla?
  • Something bad or stupid always happens. ALWAYS.
  • It’s a major anti-climax. Don’t even try to argue with me on this.




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