Grammar Police

I do apologise if this offends anyone but what has happened to the proper use of grammar or spelling? I know that I am no saint but I do try to get it right most of the time. Texting in the techno age is not helping anybody, the short hand youngsters use to communicate is crippling their ability to read and write properly. Sadly some adults are also quite guilty of making some basic errors.

In the workplace I am affronted on a daily basis with incorrect spelling – we have spell check people! Use it! You don’t even need to use your brain if you really don’t want to. Classic example of a misspelt word used in a colleagues’ report: Instead of UTILISE the word has been spelt UTERLIZE. I know I probably sound like a huge  nerd and yes there probably are more important things in life than grammar and spelling but I’m not asking for much. All you have to do is click on spell check.


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