Anger Management

I’m not someone who gets angry often and the few times when I do get angry or have an argument with someone I am incapable of staying angry. I am also incapable of holding a grudge (we all know how pear-shaped those things can go, did you see the movie?)

Even after an argument chances are that you will find me laughing and joking with the very person that I had the confrontation with. I just find it easier to let go than to stay angry. FYI staying angry takes energy and isn’t there some old saying or scientific fact that says it takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile?

I’ve seen first hand how people choose not to speak to friends or family for months sometimes even years and unbeknownst to them live with resentment and negative feelings. I’m not saying I’ve never stayed pissed off at someone for longer than a day. There have been incidents in my life where I felt had every right to be angry but that never brings one joy or happiness and it certainly doesn’t solve anything.

There is one quick question that I always ask myself when I get really angry: How will I feel about this exact moment exactly one year from now? Usually the answer gives me some perspective and calms me down.


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