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Cougar Town

I’ve never been much of Twilight fan, sorry guys but I just don’t get all the hype. Pale glittery skin and teenage angst doesn’t get my pulse racing. I have however seen all the movies so far and only enjoy the parts of the film where the wolf pack is shown. In fact I can honestly say that is the only reason why I still bother to watch anything this franchise spews out. I do think the acting has improved with each film and Edward looks remarkably less constipated. The wedding in the latest film Breaking Dawn was beautiful and I know almost every woman who saw Bella’s dress is now planning her dream wedding or thinking of renewing her vows, don’t worry ladies you too can own this Carolina Herrera dress for the bargain price of $35 000. The Manolo Blahnik shoes called the Swan will only set you back by $1295 (also available in black and fuchsia)

I digress, I now realise that when the first movie came out in 2008 Taylor Lautner was only 16. Sixteen! I was a grown ass woman perving on a child. I thought I was done with celeb crushes in my teens but clearly not. Don’t judge I know a lot of older women who goes gaga for Zac Efron and Justin Bieber. Thankfully Taylor is now is 19 which makes it much more acceptable. I know a 10 year age difference still makes me a cougar but at least the dirty things I will do to him will be legal.

Come on, just look at those puppy dog eyes. Hey, I said eyes not abs and stop drooling.

So now that we can legally date I’ve already started planning our dream wedding. I’ve found my dress and shoes that I would like to wear.  As for the venue and reception, nothing fancy. Just a plain and simple wedding somewhere along the coast of Hawaii.


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