The student life

I’m officially registered at UNISA  for the 1st semester next year. I checked my online study material today and just realised how daunting 5 subjects per semester is going to be. In other news: I’ve finally been matched with a young girl from a children’s home, so I will be her mentor for a year and guide her through her transition from the orphanage to independent living. Somehow I still need to find the time to go for lessons and get my motorbike license, meet my German and Italian language exchange partner once a week respectively and Fede my Italian teacher wants me to continue with Italian lessons next year.

I’ll most probably not have a life, aah the joys of having a 9-5 followed by a nightly study program. Not all students get to party, especially not full-time working ones.

I will be broke all the time, text books are not cheap.

Just thinking about it all exhausts me.

I think now would be the perfect time to take up yoga and meditation.


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