Let’s pretend

So what do we do when we can’t go travelling just yet? We pretend we are travelling. So let’s be tourists in our own city and appreciate the beauty, history and architecture all around us. Let’s carry our cameras with us all the time so that we can take pictures whenever we need to. So with camera in hand you can complete your tourist look by wearing sturdy sandals with socks, a moonbag around your waist, pointing at random things and having a perpetual lost look on your face. I almost made it onto the cable car to Table Mountain this weekend but the windy weather was working against me and all rides were suspended and then cancelled. I did manage to take some pictures while we were waiting and hoping that we might still be able to see the city at sunset.

Hard to believe this is what the cable car used to look like – even more scary was that I rode it years ago, sure looks safe.

Now its fancy, round and has a moving platform to give you a 360 degree view of the city.

 Cape Town City from above – if I squint hard enough I think I can see where I work

Lion’s Head

Signal Hill (or fondly known by the locals as the lions rump)

Devil’s Peak (3 peaks that’s meant to resemble the Devils’ pitchfork)

 Better luck next time


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