the travelling bucket list

Next year the plan is to go to Austria, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro all before heading to Thailand. Not sure how I am going to manage to survive another year at work (fondly referred to as the mind-numbing/soul-destroying void). So if you know of anyone who can bend the space/time continuum or just has a good ol fashion time machine wasting away in their garage point me in that direction. Hell I’d even settle for Marty Mcfly’s time travelling car to zap me back into the future. For now though all I can do is look at pictures of all the pretty places to keep me motivated.


4 thoughts on “the travelling bucket list

  1. Oh my – I believe you and I share the same headspace! Austria, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro – wish I could join! Thailand – I am still daydreaming of packing it all in again, spending 4 months in South East Asia! My Lonely Planet on the bed side table taunts me on a regular basis! Alas – work must be done to pay for all the adventures I am fortunate enough to do on a yearly basis! The goal for next year – The Camino Trail! Will have to listen to your stories of the others in the mean time!

    • It’s all I can think about – after coming back from turkey and spain this September. Travel has pretty much consumed my thoughts. So my plan is to save like crazy and pack it all up to live and teach in Thailand 🙂 – readin your blog loving it. another kindred spirit found.

  2. When I worked in a cubicle (for 5 yrs) I kept a huge poster of a sandy beach with palm trees and clear, blue water on the wall. I would look at it everyday and remind myself, “If I continue to work hard at this job, I will get to go to more places like that.”

    Keep daydreaming and traveling 🙂

    • small sacrifices. so while my friends waste their money by going clubbing and eating out all the time I stay in and plan the next trip. Soon I’ll be trading ‘the cubicle’ for classrooms and thai beaches:)

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