Humorous, movies

I’ve got talent

“Watch this” I tell my friend TA just as an old re-run of Friends is about to start. We’ve just finished watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and she was able to sing along every words of the opening song (very impressive considering this show is like 20 years old I think). However she was even more impressed (shocked, aghast and quite possibly a little disturbed) that I was able to remember and say every line of that particular Friends episode. It wasn’t even that funny – The one with the Laundry Detergent – Uberweis. My talent is also not limited to that particular episode. You can play any episode from season 1 – 10 and I will be able to quote verbatim what they are going to say. This is what happens when you’ve watched the whole show more than 5 times.

I’m thinking I should market this particular skill of mine. I’m not sure how but I’m sure I can go onto some talent show and end up being discovered and making millions. Don’t worry I’ll remember all you little people when I make it to the top.



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