Uniform of choice

According to the powers that be (i.e. the internet, fashion magazines, tv show hosts, fashion bloggers and any fashionista who can formulate a coherent opinion on anything other than ‘this is what I’m wearing today whilst running around the city or running through a cornfield or taking my cat for a run’) the below list is what every women should have in her closet just in case a) she gets the job interview of her dreams or b) the man of her dreams asks her out on a date.

It’s the usual suspects: a white shirt, a flattering skirt, a slimming black pants, a good fitting jeans, a feel good bikini, a little black dress, cashmere sweater, sunglasses, stylish pumps and a few other items that I don’t even find worth mentioning. I do understand the reasoning behind this list but what happened to fashion without boundaries? What happened to wearing whatever the hell we wanted and screw society norms. If I ever need to go for a job interview that requires me to wear a suit then warning bells should start ringing so that I know I’ve applied for the wrong job. I’ve been fortunate that most of my career did not require me to wear a uniform or formal wear and I do not think that I am able to start doing so now. In winter its pretty simple as all I wear is leggings, skinny jeans, cardigans and boots. Summer is the time for maxi dresses (the longer, the better) and shorts (the shorter, the better), which is practically all I own in my wardrobe.


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