Don’t blind yourself to the Signs

This weekend past was awesome. I mentioned a while back that I will be volunteering for SA-YES an organisation that helps prepare children who are about to leave the children’s home and into the real world. The training session on Saturday was informative but it was the Sunday spent with the 20 young girls and boys who have opted to have a mentor that really had a positive effect me.

They say helping others makes you feel good and this was the first where I have truly experienced this. I first had the opportunity to speak to each girls about herself, her life, her dreams/goals etc which was then followed by ball games played on the field outside. I honestly cannot remember when last I have felt this happy and content or had so much fun. I never realised how far away I have drifted from doing things that matter and can make a difference in someone else’s life. The past year I have been so self-centred and well a little bit selfish which is what I needed to be at the time but now I know that it is time for me to give back.

Sometimes the signs are right in front of us but we choose not to see them. I now recall that at high school I belonged to the Society Club and we would meet once a week to visit a children’s home, old age home or homeless shelter. I also occasionally wrote for the school paper ‘The Moaning Lisa’. My love for languages saw me learning Arabic at high school and more recently Mandarin Chinese and Italian. Recently after doing an in-depth personality assessment the following were some of the careers that is recommended for me to pursue: Writer, Social Worker, Teacher, Psychologist, Artist, Photographer – these are all things that have always interested me (now more than ever though) but for some reason I got side-tracked and got hurled off the beaten track and into the rat race of the real world.

So yes I feel like I have found my calling in life but in reality if I only had to keep pursuing what I enjoyed in my youth then I would have found my place a long time ago. I do not regret the path my life has taken as it played a role in moulding the person I am today. I got an email from a friend on Monday and it just reminded me that there are people around me and all of us for that matter who silently supports and not only want to see us succeed but more importantly who want us to be happy.


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