The big 3-0

So I’m turning 30 next year and some women might be quite scared at the prospect of turning 30 especially if they’ve been single for a while with no prospect of a boyfriend/wedding/baby on the horizon.  When you start thinking of freezing your ovaries then you know you’re in trouble. Luckily I do not have these fears as I have been abducted by aliens and had my biological clock safely removed. (and no I was not probed if that’s what you thinking)

But back to turning 30, I thought wouldn’t it be awesome to have a themed party? As I was born in the eighties, 1982 to be exact a “party like it’s 1982” themed party would be perfect. Maybe a bit of cliché but those really were good times even though it was an era of fashion disasters one after the other with only 1 or 2 gems sprinkled few and far between. So my Google search began as one is wont to do when planning and researching anything. Then it hit me I don’t have the energy or inclination to plan my own party as I am just too damn lazy. Don’t get me wrong I love planning and making lists but that’s it – when it comes applying things and actually doing the work I lose interest.

Luckily someone has given me another idea for a birthday party – no frills, no fuss, just pitch up and have fun. I will however still expect everyone to dress up in the tackiest of 80’s costume they can find, better yet go raid your mom’s closet and see if you can find any of these gems.

Oh Dear me, where are your parents and why was this ever allowed?

My personal favorite


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