And we are living in a material world and I ain’t no material girl

They brag, They boast, They flash, They are all talk, oh you know the type. They grate on my last nerve.

Whatever you own or have just bought, They’ve got a better model or the latest version thereof. They can’t be beat.

They look down on others who are less fortunate, well at least who They perceive as being less fortunate or poor.

They feel compelled to tell you all about how well-travelled They are, even though we all know it was just a business trip.

They seem unable to stop collecting more and more possessions only to upstage everyone else.

They do not like to see anyone else succeeding and will distance Themselves from people who are wealthier than Them.

Belittling people is second nature to Them.

They live way above Their means just to get/keep/stay one step ahead.

They are misers. They are greedy. They are selfish.

They constantly talk about how much ‘charity’ They give. They need everyone to know what Good People They are.

But what They should know is that nobody envies Them because we know Their lives are empty and the only way for Them to feel better about Themselves is to buy more stuff. Sadly what They don’t realise that owning more things will never fill that void.

Life is too precious to value things that you cannot take with you to your grave. Life is too short to not enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Family, friends, sharing experiences, creating memories, doing things that fill us with joy, praying, having faith, believing that we all have a greater purpose and knowing someone up there is watching over us – these are the things that really matter.


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