10 Things I have learnt this week

1. You’re never too old to study for an exam.

2. You learn something about yourself everyday if you but only listen.

3. Job dissatisfaction can corrode and numb your soul.

4. I love motivating others.

5. My desire and pursuit for knowledge has not lessened or waned.

6. Nutella I am ashamed to say I have discovered your tastiness so late in life.

7. The less I own (material things) the lighter and freer I feel.

8. Apparently horizontal stripes are slimming and vertical stripes are ‘fattening’. Although I do still need to test this theory but when in doubt wear black.

9. I discovered I have a unheathly desire to own at least 5 pairs of  wedge espadrilles (a shoe I have never liked) this summer and I do realise that this is in direct conflict with number 7.

10. Never say never.


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