Patience is a virtue

To write or not to write – I believe when one has writer’s block the best thing to do is to not write at all. Why force something that should come about naturally, which is why I have been absent in the blogosphere this whole week. It also gave me some time to catch up on my reading and other things. Sometimes dependency to all this technology can get out of hand and the best thing for me is just to distance myself from it.

This has not been a particularly good week for me – lets hope it’s all hormonal – I’m struggling to focus on the present. With all my future plans and goals the day-to-day drudgery of waiting for certain things to materials has left me feeling dejected and demotivated. How will I survive another year in this place? I understand the practicalities of it all: I need to settle my debt, I need to save, I need to start studying. Sometimes it still feels as if I am waiting for my real  life to actually begin and is this possibly causing me to miss out on exciting opportunities? Do we go through life with blinkers on only seeing what we want to see.

I do realise that this coming year will test my ability to be patient to its limit and not only do I hope to pass with flying colours but I also hope that I would have been successful in achieving what I have set out to do.


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