Life, travel

A 1000 mile journey begins with 1 step

I recently posted this quote on my facebook wall: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

The ‘high’ of my overseas holiday has finally worn off and I am left feeling disatisfied and bored with my life. Granted that I have been feeling like this even before my holiday but now I have a strong desire to do something about it. Before I  just wasn’t sure what changes I needed to make nor did I have courage to realise my dreams. I used to walk around wondering when is my life going to start and with 30 fast appraoching the wondering has to stop and I must take action.

I will chronicle my goals for 2012 (some of which will try to start working on immediately) on my blog and will be sharing any tips I learn along the way with my readers.

1. Complete the 1st year of my BA in literature and languages next year – I will not have a social life and be on a student budget I will be looking for cheap/free things things to do in and around Cape Town.

2. Become debt free.

3. Save R30 000 – this start up amount will allow me to complete my TEFL course to teach english overseas which in turn will allow me to travel the world.

4. Lose 30 kgs – sounds daunting but I want to feel fit and healthy and will be buying a bicycle soon to help me achieve this goal.

5. Give back – I am hoping to become part of a volunteer mentor programme where I will provide guiadance and assistance to a young adult who is leaving a care home and needs help integrating into society.

Surround yourself with words and images that will constantly remind you of your dreams.



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