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Spotlight on the Highlights

Some of what I loved most about my holiday.

  • If your hand fits into this gold imprint it means you are meant to follow a creative path in life – my hand fit perfectly!
  • Driving from the Turkish airport to our hostel.
  • Walking down Istikaal street.
  • Buying a jetoon and taking the tram to Sultanhamet.
  • Going to the Turkish baths (guess it’s a bath when you’re in Turkey or more accurately Hammam).
  • Getting thrown with a shoe by a homeless man in Barcelona.
  • Seeing some of Gaudi’s masterpieces.
  • Boyscouts and Harry Potters.
  • Watching FC Barcelona play soccer in Barcelona.
  • Meeting some really cool Australians, Canadians and Americans.
  • Getting lost at 1am and still feeling 100% safe and getting home unharmed.
  • The Metro, the subway, taking cabs.
  • Walking for hours on end.
  • The fact that we were the only Saffers at our hostels.
  • The guy at reception knew I was South African because I used the phrase “Is it?” often. Guess my Italian teacher was onto something when she taught us that “is it?/really?” in italian is davvero.
  • Seeing Table Mountain for the “first” time.

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