There are so many things wrong with facebook I’m not even sure where to start but below is a list of the worst offences and offenders:

  • People who load a picture of their pet or child as their profile pic – I quite possibly haven’t seen you since high school so I probably won’t accept your friend request if I can’t figure out who you are.
  • Random invites especially from people who live in countries I’ve never heard of
  • Facebook book stalker friends who barely know you but like or comment on every status, picture, etc.
  • Provocative and inappropriate pictures – get career as a model, actress or porn star
  • Anyone who has over 5000 ‘friends’ – just get a fan page and get everyone to LIKE it because you cannot possibly have 5000 friends
  • Serial relationship status updaters – we get it, it’s complicated, so complicated in fact that more than half the time you are confused
  • Proclamations of love for your significant other – don’t worry you’ll see your ‘baby’ in a few hours and when you do please get it out of your system and GET A ROOM
  • The friend who posts and tags all photos including your drunkard weekends – not cool
  • People who make threats but don’t mention any names – if you have a problem with someone confront them – don’t be a coward and hide behind technology
  • The vague status update – does anyone actually know what you are talking about?
  • 😦 the sad face that will eventually prompt someone to ask what’s wrong
  • Profound, deep and spiritual statuses – we get it you are at one with the universe and have a direct link to a Higher Being or Deepak Chopra
  • Swear/Cuss words
  • Regular jetsetters who feel the need to rub into our faces that they are off yet again to see some exotic location
  • Non regular jetsetters who posts all and random pictures eg. This is a picture of our lunch. This is the picture of the toilet in our room.
  • Bizarre and cryptic posts done mostly by girls to confuse the guys – ladies men don’t give a tiny rats ass
  • Posts that encourages one to copy and paste if you care about cancer – seriously?!? I’ve lost family to cancer not posting does not mean I care any less.
  • Links to songs and youtube
  • Links to blogs (see I’m just as guilty but hey nobody is perfect)

I can’t think of any more but I’m sure there is plenty that I missed. Feel free to add to the list.


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