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Genius or Madman?

I think a little bit of both as you will see from the pictures below Gaudi was light years ahead of his time. Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926) was a Catalan architect and produced what was considered back then very modern buildings during his lifetime. We took the free Gaudi walking which met up at Placa Reial and the day before we visited Park Guell.

Park Guell

Casa Mila

Casa Batllo

Palau Guell

And his unfinished work Sagrada Familia – he knew he would not be able to complete this church in his lifetime so he left behind his designs and plaster moulds for future generations of architects. This building is surrounded by cranes today as they are still busy completing it and many joke that the church will never be finished and will remain a work in progress. The soldiers on the Passion facade of the church is where George Lucas whilst visiting Barcelona got costume inspiration for Darth Vader and his troopers.


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