FC Barcelona VS AC Milan

I was elated when I discovered that we would be able to watch the Barcelona football team play a game at their home Stadium Camp Nou. As soon as we could we bought our tickets and were told to collect it at the stadium on the day of the match. I might not religiously watch soccer but I played it for a while and it just so happens that FC Barcelona is my favourite team. I thought this would more than make up for the fact that I didn’t see any World Cup games when it was hosted in my country.

The minute we entered the stadium the excitement that was building up inside me trebled. With a capacity of almost 100 000 fans one can only imagine how electrifying the atmosphere was. And we had really good seats. Just a pity we couldn’t get clearer photos and the fact that they drew the game 2-2.

Let me remind you what these Spanish guys look like……sigh.


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