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Another stabby Monday

Did I mention I have rage issues?

So many things annoyed me today, and no it’s not PMS, I have a personality disorder. I think I might need professional help.

Ok so first thing to annoy me today was seeing this lady at the bus stop with 3 bags. She was waiting for the bus to get to work (she had a name tag and everything). I would however love to know what is in those 3 bags. From what I could ascertain:

Bag 1 is the formal handbag that will hold her purse, cell phone, keys, ID and other important documents. This is purely conjecture on my part.

Bag 2 is a shopper and I’m not entirely sure what gets put into this bag, maybe lunch? I think I saw a laptop in there, if so then the shopper is little bit (read very) inappropriate. I’ve noticed this scary fad where many ladies tote the Harrods green shoppers as if it’s an LV, that’s Louis Vuitton for all the fashion challenged people out there. I mean a Harrods bag?! Someone probably used it to throw their dirty underwear in it before travelling back home and instead of throwing the bag out they gave it to a poor unsuspecting family member or friend. I suppose one can’t scoff at 20 pounds which is what a large Harrods shopper costs. Also on a not so unrelated note, a while back I noticed some ladies used large gift bags as that extra bag to cart around extra crap they don’t need. This leaves me speechless.

Bag 3 is just a normal plastic carrier bag and I really haven’t a fudgin clue as to what could possibly go into this one. Try as I might and believe me I did, I just cannot fathom what and why? I’m sure she won’t even need what’s in bag 3. Why does she need to cart 3 bags to work and back if she lives less than 5km away from work?

Moving along swiftly, once I got to work and more importantly my desk I walked straight into Ye Olde Weekend Story. Unfortunately I am in the middle of these 2 colleagues’ desks and was subjected to yet another inane and boring story. Why do some people think we want a blow-by-blow account of what they did over the weekend especially if all they are going to do is brag? And then I still have to listen to the remix at lunchtime, well please excuse me when my eyes glaze over and whilst I nod along and pretend to be listening with complete rapture. I really am only trying to spare your feelings. Besides I still don’t think stabbing people in the face is socially acceptable behaviour. See, told you I have rage issues.

I suppose I could go on and on ad nauseam but I vented and I’m feeling much better. Must pat myself on the back for not needing drugs.


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