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A bad case of the withdrawal symptoms

Leaving Istanbul was hard as it was love at first sight and I had already started imagining myself living there. Alas onward we must go. To say that I was unimpressed with Barcelona upon arrival would be an understatement. Driving in the cab from the airport felt like I was on the N2 back home, where was the magic? The same magic I felt when I took the cab from Istanbul airport to our hostel. Fortunately my opinion of this city changed in the days that followed.

Once we arrived and checked in, they informed us that the  hostel was taking its guest to a night club that evening and would we like to join them. We said yes of course and were told we needed to be ready by 12, clubbing only really starts after 1 in Barcelona. That’s why they have siestas in Spain because people party into the morning so of course they going to need a little nap the next day. The club had good music, beautiful people but there was zero hospitality and I was starting to fear Barcelona had been a mistake.

The next day we decided to explore. We took a free walking tour of the Gothic Town and I was so glad that we did as it completely changed how I felt about the city. It was sensory overload for anyone with a love of history and architecture or just all things old and pretty. Aside from the little altercation with a homeless man I really enjoyed this tour and what amazed me was the fact that the tour was free (well almost, you can tip your guide at your discretion at the end of the tour). Still it was value for money.


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