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Pop Ya Collar – Interview with La Muse

Oh, for the love of Blog!

You’ll notice on my blogroll that I have a link to Pop Ya Collar and as any habitual bloggee or blogger knows there are just certain blogs that you find you must read daily. This one happens to be one of the first blogs I started reading as well as being the inspiration for my own.  La Muse is all about keeping us abreast with urban street fashion as well current and past trends. When she is not busy blogging she is working for one of SA’s biggest fashion retailers as the ladieswear denim buyer and recently had the opportunity to interview Bryanboy when he was visiting Cape Town. The lovely thing about this inspirational blogger is that she works one floor up from me. And despite me gushing like a Bieber fan on Prozac La Muse agreed that I could interview her.

1. How and when did you start blogging and why do you call yourself La Muse?

I started blogging 2 years ago, and I called myself La Muse for fun. My boyfriend (now fiancé) used to call me The Muse on his blog 2oceansvibe so it kind of stuck.

2. It seems you do a lot of research before you post anything? How do you find the time to post everyday?

I am addicted to blogging. I am passionate about it so writing every night after work is no bother to me at all.

3. How do you think you differentiate yourself from other fashion bloggers?

I try to have original content where ever possible.

4. Does fashion blogging bring you any other career opportunities?

Yes, if you have many readers and you get your name out there other opportunities do come.

5. What has been your greatest achievement?

I have 15 000 unique readers a month and for me that is a big achievement.

6. What motivates/inspires you?

Everything inspires me, I have my camera with me all the time as every passing moment could bring about a chance to capture something inspiring and that you want to write about, especially when it comes to fashion. If I see a pair of shoes someone is wearing I take a photograph.

7. You went from lingerie buyer to jeanswear buyer, was it a big adjustment for you?

Yes, in the beginning I had no knowledge of denim so I had to start from scratch. I have spent a lot of time with suppliers and technologists , I am still learning every day and enjoying every minute of it.

8. What do you love/hate most about your job?

Being around creative people all day! Hate that I cannot blog all the time.

9. Describe your personal style.

My style has changed over the years, I use to be very fashion forward, always wearing the must have item, but now I tend to buy more timeless items with a few very trendy things in-between.

10. Any must haves or recent splurges?

Anything orange – Loving all things orange at the moment.

11. You travel a lot, what’s your favourite country to shop in? Would you want to settle down there?

I love France ! We go to the South of France every year and I love shopping at the vintage and antique markets!

12. What 5 staple pieces should every girl have in her wardrobe?

A kaftan, moccasins, Haviannas flip-flops, panama hat and something from Chanel.

13. Favourite store/designer or fashion icon?

I love the store Cos overseas and I also love Afraid Of Mice in Town – Vintage store selling second-hand brands like Chanel and Marc Jacobs. Fashion Icon would be Audrey Hepburn.

14. What’s in your handbag right now and what do you never leave home without?

I don’t leave home without camera, iPhone and iPad.

15. What’s your goals for the future, you have achieved so much already?

I would like to have my own clothing line one day.

16. What other passions do you have other than fashion?

I love painting fashion Illustrations.


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