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Aah this is the (night) life!

We acquired a little stalker called Memet who found us outside the foreign exchange office, he persuaded to us to visit his carpet shop and offered us…yes…tea!!! Brave little tourists that we are, we followed him along back roads to his shop and luckily no harm befell us.

Tea went down without incident, he then offered to take us around and show us what Turkish night life is all about and I’m glad we took him up on his offer. He took us to a restaurant that had traditional Turkish music and dance and showed us the nightclub hotspots. We ended off the night by smoking a hookah pipe and even though it was a very chilled and relaxed evening the city was literally abuzz on a Wednesday night.I’m still amazed at Istanbul’s thriving night life, the vibe and atmosphere along Istikal Street and at Taksim Square is something that I wish would catch on in Cape Town. Long street literally needs to bow its head in shame.

The following night after having been shown the ropes we ventured out on our own and club hopped where every single place we passed they were trying to lure us in with free drinks. If only clubs in Cape Town made half the effort. We also somehow acquired another not-so-little-stalker this time but we managed to get rid of him, being too friendly does have its disadvantages. However it was on our way back to our hostel that evening that we stumbled upon this alleyway/street where there were pillows on the ground outside a bar with people chilling and chatting to friends as if sitting in the street at 2am is the most normal thing on earth to do.


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