Changing rooms should be outlawed

as it is a torture device for most women capable of bringing us to tears. I was very lucky to receive a bit of a bonus before my trip as well as a Woolworths shopping voucher so I was able to buy myself a few things before I left.

The weekend before I was due to leave I thought to myself ‘hey, I’ve got money to burn so let me get to it’. What should have been a simple shopping trip (dear reader please note that I hate shopping) turned into my personal changing room hell. Most sizing in stores differ not only across various retailers but also between different brands within the same store. So imagine my surprise after selecting a wonderful array of clothes and heading off to the changing room to try on what I chose that almost none of them actually fitted me. It also does not help that these little hell traps has the harshest lighting known to mankind and the most unflattering mirrors ever. If you want every flaw magnified and highlighted all you need to do is take a quick trip down to your nearest clothing store.

If that isn’t bad enough, you are also only allowed to take a limited number of items into the changing room at a time. This means that if you had 6 items and only allowed 4 at a time you would have to get dressed again, leave your cubicle to get the other 2 items all the while hoping that the shop assistant did not take the clothes and returned it to the shop floor. Some shops have buzzers in the changing rooms where you can actually call a shop assistant if you require any assistance but I refrain from using it as being helped by someone who clearly is not interested does not appeal to me.

Then there is also the actual changing room curtains that somehow just never seems to have enough material used and you end up trying to get dressed with one hand while the other hand is used to keep the curtain closed and protect yourself from peeping-toms. Exactly how hard is it to make sure that the curtain used is long and wide enough so that  it can close completely? Surely their budget could have allowed them to purchase an extra metre or so of fabric.

But back to me trying on clothes that were made for circus folk or chinese people, I hated every minute of it and it was a serious blow  to my self-esteem and self-confidence. All however was not lost and I did manage to get a beautiful skirt and a dress but I am definitely not going shopping for a very long time.


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