10 things I have learnt this week

1. Getting lost in a foreign country isn’t always a bad thing

2. It is possible to eat supper 10 o clock at night especially if you haven’t eaten all day

3. Meeting new people from all over the world made me realise that we are more alike than we think.

4. Nothing will beat mom’s home cooked meals

5. I have been living under a rock called Table Mountain

6. Being ghetto is a blessing aka streetwise and speaking Afrikaans helps

7. I am proudly Cape Townian – all foreigners welcome, I will show you around CT

8. It’s funny how a landmark can make me feel at home (Thanks Galata Tower)

9. Hamam (nuff said) – Google it.

10. First world problems (where am I going to eat tonight?) really puts things into perspective.


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