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The weekly mystery of the feng shui maid

Tomorrow is Thursday. Thursday is the day our lovely maid comes to clean our humble abode. It is also the day when the furniture in humble abode is moved. I am beginning to suspect she is really an ancient Chinese master skilled in the arts of Feng Shui.  

Also known as the Chinese Art of Placement, this technique is more than a thousand years old and is used to bring balance to one’s home, business and your surroundings and to promote the different aspects of one’s life. Areas in your life it can improve include health, wealth, family, relationships, career, friends, fame, children, and knowledge.

 So I know when I get home tomorrow certain things in my room will be moved ever so slightly, almost invisible to the naked eye but I am not easily fooled.  Does she do this to unblock negative energy or to make me less lazy? Things will be conveniently out of reach which means I have to lift my ass to get something or I am forced to rearrange things to the way it was, either way she is contributing to my currently non existent exercise routine.  I can deal with these minor changes but why oh why does she move my heater away from my bed to the furthest possible corner? IT’S WINTER, IT’S COLD!! And I do not like getting cold.

Is she trying to tell me something?

I might never find out.


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