Love your body


I haven’t bought a magazine in ages as my budget is going through a major recession but Monday my friend borrowed me a glossie to read. I was so happy my eyes started glazing and I had to be careful not to drool. So imagine my dismay when I get to the 5th page I think and there is a picture of a ‘curvy’ and a ‘plus-sized’ woman. I couldn’t help but think to myself “What is wrong with the world?” because if they are bigger girls then I’m overweight. To me they looked liked normal beautiful woman but no we’ve got to attach labels to everything.

I am so tired of these fashion magazines and the whole fashion industry for that matter. I ‘love’ that this same magazine had a feature on how to dress for every shape yet all the fashion spreads including the one of a ‘curvy’ woman were of size 8 (size 32) models. We are constantly bombarded by airbrushed to perfection images of what we should look like that it’s no wonder many girls develop eating disorders and low self-esteem.

I managed to dig up an old email I received a while back – all the women in these pictures are absolutely gorgeous and natural.


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