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Help portrait


I took this picture when my bother and I took a spontaneous train ride to Simon’s Town and we came across this homeless man/car guard. My brother asked him if he would pose for a picture and he got so excited about the whole thing that I wished I was able to give him a print-out of it. I unfortunately can’t remember his name but I’m sure there are many people like him who haven’t had a photograph taken of themselves in years. In an era where if you don’t have access to a camera your cell phone can still take pretty decent photos.

Then I stumbled across Help-Portrait (amazing what one find on the internet). What started out as a one-day event on 10th Dec 2011 (to be held on the second Saturday of every December) has turned into a movement whereby photographers use their skill, time and expertise to give back.

More specifically Help-Portrait is a movement of photographers, makeup artists and volunteers who come together to give, not take pictures of those who are in need. A non-profit organisation that takes photographs of people who wouldn’t ordinarily have access or be able to afford professional photography e.g.  poor families, the homeless, orphans, the elderly etc.

You can get involved even if you are not a photographer by bringing food, drinks, books, blankets, canned goods or help by assisting the photographers. Helping and giving is not restricted to December but whenever and however you can. Check out the SA website for more details.


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