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There’s a first time for everything

My resolution seems to have fallen by the wayside these past couple of months and I have missed my adventures sooooo much. I am definitely looking forward to this summer when I will be attempting a few things for the first time which might include: horse back riding, quad biking, ziplining, abseiling, a sailing trip and quite possibly bungee jumping (216 metres, yikes!).

Too often we get stuck in our daily routines or comfort zone and we forget that there is a whole world of opportunities out there. I challenge all of you to try at least new one thing that you have always wanted to do (before this year is over) but have held back for whatever reason. I promise, you will not regret it.

Or if that is a tad bit too extreme or ‘out there’ do something that you haven’t done since you were 10, like roller skating – no, not rollerblading, I said roller skating – the one with the four wheels on each boot. As a lover of all things old school this makes me feel so nostalgic and the film Whip It has made it cool again.


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