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Whatever you do, don’t blink

This has been in my drafts for quite a while and then last week I got a plinky prompt called “When it comes to eye contact, where are you on the spectrum between shifty-eyed evader and unblinking intimidator?” so I figured I might as well post my version of this.

As someone who now uses public transport regularly one is confronted almost daily with people who stare at you. I would just like to warn the general public out there, don’t attempt challenging me as I will stare you down if I catch you glancing at me a) more than once and b) for longer than 2 seconds. Don’t believe me? Try me, I dare you. I will have you squirming in your seat and make your eyes tear and twitch without me even blinking or breaking a sweat. It’s just such a pet peeve of mine, can’t we all just look at the ground and our shoes? If you leave me alone then there will be no need for a stare-off and both of us can walk away unharmed.

Also on another semi-unrelated note: don’t you just hate it when you reading on the bus/train and the person next to you tries to read your magazine or book with you? Get your own damn reading material.


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