10 things I have learnt this week

1. It is still possible to feel real joy upon discovering something new

2. Cousins are your first real friends in this world

3. Standing in front of the classroom at 29 is just as scary as it was in high school

4. I am happy if my blog brings joy to people – even if it is only a handful

5. My oily t-zone is the bane of my existence – I’m not supposed to be getting pimples at this age

6. To blog is to do – one has to experience new things to have a constant source of writing material

7. Plinky prompt is great for writer’s block

8. I’ve been living under a rock all these years but am glad that I finally discovered the writer Paulo Coelho

9. I always thought autumn was my favorite season turns out I miss summer, sandals, shorts and maxi dresses

10. The people in your life don’t know you as well as they think they do


4 thoughts on “10 things I have learnt this week

    • I only have one sibling but me and my brother get along most of the time and its great that both of us can hang out with our cousins. Another definite plus is that cousins understand your crazy familty, no explanations required.

  1. To stand in front of other students in class this week? you did a good job…its not about learning Italian only…but learning about self confidence too! BRAVISSIMA

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