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10 things I have learnt this week

1. Mid-week public holidays are a treat but they do make you lazy to return to work the following day

2. Do not leave homework for on the day it’s due – there is a reason it’s called homework

3. Stay away from family and friends who are sick – they will infect you

4. Cockroaches are really really sneaky and will pick the most inopportune time to fall on the book you reading whilst you lying in bed causing you to jump out of bed and setting a new Olympic world record for long jump

5. It’s great to have something cool to look forward to

6. There is no limit to the amount of toasted cheese sandwiches I can eat

7. Do check the weather before you get dressed and leave the work in the morning

8. I can conjugate Italian verbs, what can you do?

9. Sometimes it is great when in old friend pops in to say hi (he did call to check if it is ok though, God bless his souls, I have them all so well trained)

10. Giving someone their carefully selected birthday gift is way cooler than getting a gift.


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