Toast = Oxygen = Love

Back in the day before the Atkins diet and high protein diet and way before all carbs were banned people used to eat bread. Hard to believe. I honestly think that I am incapable of not eating bread and I sincerely hope that I never stop. Can you imagine life without toast? Just the thought of it makes me anxious. For most kids a day without a peanut butter and jam sandwich is unheard of, I still love a good PB & J sandwich. So let me pay homage to all things toast and it’s toppings.

the humble toasted cheese and tomato

toast with peanut butter and banana

toast with scrambled eggs

toast with avocado (add tuna for a killer combo)

toast with jam

toast with cream cheese and salmon

french toast

And if I feel like going all out: toast with chicken mayo, cheese and mushroom (picture not available as I have already eaten it)

What’s your favourite on toast?


3 thoughts on “Toast = Oxygen = Love

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