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Harper Lee’s To kill a mockingbird

This is without a doubt one of my favourite books and one of the main reasons I love it is due to Atticus Finch (played by Gregory Peck in the 1962 film adaptation). I was raised by my mother and grandmother (they did a brilliant job by the way) and I always thought that if I had to have a father I would have wanted a father like Atticus. He is kind, wise, intelligent, extremely fair and allows his children enough freedom to make mistakes and learn from it. He also has a love for reading which he instills into his children from an early age.

He lives with integrity and has the courage to do what he believes is right even though the whole town scorns him for defending Tom Robinson, a black man, who is falsely accused of raping a white woman. He believes one must not judge anyone until one has walked in that person’s skin and seen things from their perspective. And even though he is older than the other fathers in Maycomb County, wears glasses and will read instead of playing a sport he surprised Jem and Scout by being able to shoot down a rabid dog with a single shot. Only then do they discover that their father is “the deadest shot in Maycomb County”.

So to me Atticus Finch is a more than just a gentleman or great father figure he is also a superhero.


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