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10 things I have learnt this week

1) Be thankful and appreciate what you have every single day – there is someone out there less fortunate than you.

2) Family get-togethers are fun and important and is a good measuring stick for you to check how sane or crazy you are. Also don’t forget to keep the painkillers handy as headaches can easily be caused by the continuous noise of laughter and talking.

3) The only way to overcome your fears is to face them head on.

4) Try not to get involved in any drama especially with friends, the whole he said she said thing gets tired very quickly. So keep your mouth and let your friends sort it out themselves.

5) Find your passion in life and follow it.

6) There are a lot of family and friends birthdays in August (well I knew this but one tends to forget until the next August rears its head)

7) There is way too much clutter around us – so do a Spring clean it’s almost September and get rid of anything you don’t need or use.

8 ) The more I learn Italian the more I realise how easy the English language is.

9) It’s a blessing not to have to work weekends. Ever.

10) Sometimes staying in bed all weekend watching a tv series is just what the doctor ordered.


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