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Full circle and that fork in the road

One of the things that I wanted to be whilst growing up was a writer. Being an avid reader this seemed to just be the next logical step (read then write) and after having discovered Roald Dahl my mind was made up. However once I got to high school I got bombarded with choices and got well …..confused.

After much ado though the fashion and retail world called out to me and because I went start to work after school I had to study fashion buying part-time and got my ‘big’ break at a fashion retailer as an assistant. After years of working my way up through the ranks I’ve made the startling discovery that this is not what I really want to  do anymore.

The 2 things that I’ve learnt about myself this year (well I always knew but just didn’t listen to my inner voice) was that I have a love for languages and literature. And never knew how much I would enjoy writing until I stared this blog. So next year I will start my bachelor of arts degree specialising in language, literature and creative writing and majoring in English and Italian. In conjunction with a Tefl or Celta course this will give me the opportunity to teach English overseas and to travel the world. Who knows I might even end up freelancing for Vogue magazine. And we all know how I feel about magazines.

First time that I feel at peace with myself about the direction of where my life is headed, which will hopefully be off the beaten path.


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